Select twenty No Added Sugar Chocolates GF

Select twenty No Added Sugar Chocolates GF

Here we have our delicious twenty no added sugar Belgian chocolates including flavours such as milk amaretto, dark orange mousse, dark mocca, milk coconut,  white raspberry mousse, white praline, milk praline, milk cointreau, and white strawberry. The box you recieve will contain some of the above but may not be every flavour but will be milk, white and dark chocolates. They are also Gluten Free.

Developed with diabetics in mind these chocolate are as tasty and flavoursome as our premium range and sweetened with natural plant extracts making them suitable for the health conscious and those who prefer less sugar. 

The "no added sugar" label means that the chocolates do not contain refined sugars ( monsaccharides or disaccharides ) and only contain naturally occuring sugars.

Products such as boiled sweets , liquorice and jellies etc can be labelled "sugar free".


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